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Preparing the GROUND

(Originally posted 9-20-2020)

Every year at this time farmers are furrowing the ground to prepare it for spring planting. At HOTH as we prepare for spring this fall, we are preparing plots of land around the community which will be used for Community GROWER Coops next season. The goal is to allow GROWERS the opportunity to feed themselves while producing income through the sale of their produce to the HOTH/Helping Hands Ending Hunger Food Bank. Our process involves the use of high tunnels to extend our growing season to approx. nine months. Our GROWER Coops are trained in crop planting calendaring, soil/water conservation and how the high tunnel works best to produce more crops. Resources for marketing and getting produce to the buyer are also incorporated into the training and oversight of our GROWER Coops. Another goal is to limit food/produce waste by getting the food to families as soon as it is harvested. The HOTH/Helping Hands Ending Hunger Food Bank works to provide staple and fresh foods to working poor families and families in need as well as to families in our Food Coops. Together we can end hunger in our region.

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