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How we help?

We help provide Food and Shelter.

If you are experiencing Food Insecurity and need help, please schedule an appointment with us.  We offer three Food Programs:

  • Food Box Delivery

  • Food Box Pickup

  • The Grocery Store

Food Box Delivery: Clients who receive a Delivered Food Box fall within the range of living at or below the federal poverty level.  Clients may qualify based on other factors.  If children are living in the home and are receiving benefits such as free or reduced lunch at school (personally) and/or the family receives food stamps.  Our staff will determine if you are the best fit for the Food Box Delivery program.

Food Box Pickup: Just like the Food Box Delivery Program, this program requires the same qualifying factors.  Because our delivery capabilities are limited, you may be placed in the Pickup program.  This means you will pickup your monthly food box at our location in Bowling Green.

The Grocery Store: Qualifying is similar to our other food programs.  This is a pilot program in the Richardsville School District.  The goal is to provide a free, client choice shopping experience.  It differs from the food box program because households can select what they receive through The Grocery rather than a prescribed food box once a month.  It also differs because households can shop twice each month rather than once a month.  Staple and Seasonal food items are stocked as well as diary, eggs, bread and other cold items.  Those living in the Richardsville School District will only qualify for this program.  The food box programs are not available to those living in this area.

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