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It's Official...High Tunnels are HERE!

Our first High Tunnel Community Garden is going up at the Foundry this month. Soon it will be planted and covered with the clear cover. We look forward to two more of these gardens going up in our community over the next several weeks. Families who are contracted with House on the Hill will grow their own food based on their own choices in each high tunnel garden. Families agree to maintain the garden, use the food they grow for their own family and/or share it with others. Gardening families have the opportunity to sell some of their produce back to the House on the Hill food bank to be used in our food box program each month. High Tunnel gardeners also agree to use only natural, organic compost and cover crops as fertilizers and to forego the use of pesticides/insecticides.

High Tunnels allow our families to grow longer through the year which equates to more food for their family. In some cases, produce can be grown year round. Watch for the construction of our other High Tunnel gardens in the next few weeks!

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