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Food = Sustainable

Food Box and The Grocery Programs

Why Food?

There are close to 10,000 kids in our community living in poverty.  Many receive their main meals at school during the week.  On the weekends it can be a struggle without food at home.  What seems easy to many of us can be the most difficult decision for a low income family.  Do I provide a house for my family or do I provide food?

Our food programs are designed to help but not replace a households monthly food supply.  The Grocery program in Richardsville and other areas of our community and the Food Box Delivery program are designed to provide our clients with the extra food they need to make their grocery budget work.  Working with our community partners and Charity Tracker, we work to help families find the resources they need.  We will refer a client to another program if our programming is not the best fit.

Home = Solution

We know when people are housed, safely and stable, many of the other issues, including mental health issues, stablize and can be effectively and sustainably addressed.

This is why we are building communities of affordable housing for low to moderate income households.  These communities lessen the risk of eviction and utility cutoffs for none payment because the communities are managed in such a way as to provide alternative payment options, workoff opportunities within the community and adjusted payment solutions.  Many low income households live one pay period away from financial chaos.  Our programs for housing, food assistance and other programming for financial education, work experience/training and credit building are all wrap around services our partners help provide to residents.

We ask you to join us in our Impact Housing Community build and make a lasting impact on the lives of individuals, children and families in our community.

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Our Partners are National and Local Corporations, Local Businesses, Agencies, Organizations and groups including civic and church groups. Partners are Founding, Contributing or Supporting.  Founding partners have provided thousands of dollars in our initial phase of operations. Contributing partners have given thousands of dollars both monetarily and in-kind in the years since.  Supporting partners are on-going in-kind, grant and monetary partners who help support the day to day operations of HOTH. Supporting partners also provide volunteer manpower through their business or organization.

National American
Red Cross 

The  Community Adaptation Program is a key component of the American Red Cross’ commitment to
lessen the impact of extreme weather events and disaster caused displacement by helping people safely remain in their homes, improving the conditions for those who are forced from their homes, and
accelerating access to healthy and stable living environments. A further goal of the program is to reduce the number of families that fall into poverty after being forced from their homes by extreme weather events. Learn More

The National American Red Cross is a contributing partner

Clark Beverage Group Inc.

Clark Beverage Group, Inc. (Mississippi Division) is a Mississippi corporation and is wholly owned by C. C. Clark, Inc. It is the surviving corporation after merging plants in Aberdeen, Houston, Louisville, Starkville, and West Point.

In 1984 this corporation acquired Coca-Cola Bottling Works, Inc. of Columbus, Mississippi and Gordo Bottling Works, Inc. of Gordo, Alabama. In 1985 it acquired Philadelphia Coca-Cola Bottling Company, Inc. of Philadelphia, Mississippi. In 1986, it purchased New Albany Coca-Cola Bottling Company of New Albany, Mississippi. This marked the re- purchase of the Clark’s first Coca-Cola franchise, eighty years after its organization. In April 1988, Clark Beverage Group acquired the Dr Pepper Franchise for the New Albany Coca-Cola Franchise area and the remaining area in its Mississippi territory where it did not already hold the Dr. Pepper Franchise.

This corporation has franchises with the Coca-Coca Company, Dr. Pepper Company, MillerCoors, Minute Maid Juices, Evian Water, Pabst, Stroh, Heineken USA and various other imports and domestic beer. Learn More

Clark Beverage Group is a Founding Partner.

News 40 WNKY

Marquee Broadcasting, Inc. was formed and is owned by Patricia Lane, its President, and Brian Lane, its Chief Financial Officer. They acquired WMDT 47 Salisbury, MD on November 1, 2013. Stations WGTA 32 Toccoa, GA (Atlanta DMA) and KREG 2 Glenwood Springs, CO (Denver DMA) followed in 2017. Marquee most recently acquired WNKY 40 Bowling Green, KY on June 30, 2017.

Marquee has invested significant resources in each of the properties in the form of capital expenses to expand news products, personnel and additional sub-channels at both WMDT and WNKY; and the establishment of offices, staff, and an additional OTA outlet for WGTA. In addition to Patricia and Brian, Marquee Broadcasting senior staff includes Chief Operating Officer Linda Gray, Comptroller Lindsy Adkins, Digital Media Director Greg LaFrance, WMDT General Manager Teri Monahan, and WNKY General Manager Julie Milam.  Learn More

News 40 WNKY is a Founding Partner.

World Vision

Pulling up the roots of poverty and planting the seeds of change.
Building relationships. Listening. Planning and working alongside local leaders. Together, finding solutions that will change the future for children. Here's just some of what we accomplished in 2022 in partnership with donors like you and the communities we serve.  Learn More

World Vision is a contributing partner.

Christian Family Radio

The mission of CFR is showcasing God’s glory through your story with life-changing media.  Our vision is communities thriving in God’s presence. Uniting the voice of the church through VITALITY, ONENESS & SINCERITY”

CFR can be heard at 90.7 FM in Bowling Green, KY, 91.7 FM in Owensboro, KY and on 89.3 in Glasgow, KY.  Learn More

CFR is a Founding Partner.

GLEAN Kentucky

Glean understands that hunger and food waste may look different in different parts of the state, and Glean Kentucky will have to adapt our effort to suit community needs. However, no matter where we are and what our gleaning efforts look like, we’re committed to

operating under a set of core values.  Learn More

Feeding America Kentucky's Heartland

At Feeding America, Kentucky’s Heartland, our mission is to serve those in need by acquiring and distributing donated food, grocery items, and government commodities throughout almost 16,000 square miles of Kentucky. We serve 42 of Kentucky’s counties through a network of more than 225 partner agencies.

Since our establishment in 1982, we have distributed more than 280 million pounds of food and grocery items at a retail value of $476 million throughout central, south central, and western Kentucky – which equates to approximately 13.5 million meals … and counting!

Our vision is that no one will go to bed hungry in our service area, and FAKH strives every day to make that vision a reality.​  Learn More


House on the Hill Inc




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