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Where do you get your food?

(Originally posted 1-2-2021)

You probably go to a grocery store or pickup your food at a membership warehouse. What would you do if you didn't have the money to do that? Where would your food come from? For over 10,000 individuals in Warren County and Bowling Green city limits, including children and elder adults, food is something they don't have sustainable access to. Many will find their food through donations and some will go without food for several days at a time. Its been proven, children who have access to staple, whole and fresh foods grow and develop normally with less health issues, do better in school and have less emotional and behavioral problems. Children of a certain age rely on their parents or family to provide for them. When parents don't have the means to provide, these children will go without unless the family finds assistance.

Elderly individuals on a fixed income can find themselves without food at the end of the month when funds run low or run out completely. Some elder adults don't have transportation, lack family to care for them and may live alone. All factors effecting their ability to access adequate food. House on the Hill's Food Box Initiative provides a sustainable source of food up to two times each month. Boxes are filled with "meal prep" staples like rice, beans, some meat proteins, vegetables, whole foods like potatos, carrots, soups and fresh foods when available. The box initiative started with our partner, Helping Hands Ending Hunger (, in Georgia. Their mission is to reclaim food from school cafeterias and provide it to families. Through food donations and purchase of food from our other partner, Feeding America, Helping Hands Ending Hunger, provides food to families several times each month Our goal is to do the same. Through existing partnerships with schools and family resource centers throughout the region as well as other local partners, we identify families and individuals who are food insecure and provide them food. With your help and our partners, Feeding America Kentucky's Heartland and Helping Hands Ending Hunger, we can feed those in need in South Central Kentucky. #feedlocal #houselocal #peoplefirst

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