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It's all in the Community

Updated: Feb 1

House on the Hill has been in Bowling Green providing food and helping households with housing assistance for 3 years now. Everything we do we do in the community of Bowling Green and Warren County KY. Everything we've done through October 2023 had been completely volunteer directed and volunteer run. Over the last 3 years, so many things have developed at House on the Hill.

We moved from Sugar Maple Square to our new Office and Warehouse facility on Magnolia Street, we've built our partnerships with Meijer, World Vision, the National Red Cross, Clark Distributing, Goodwill and United Way. We went from 250 client households served to over 400 households.

In October 2023, we opened our first FREE, client-choice shopping experience, The Grocery, in Richardsville KY. Serving close to 60 families The Grocery is a free-shopping experience. Clients have access to fresh vegetables, bread and diary items, proteins and other seasonal and specialty items as well as dry goods. The Grocery sits on approximately 1.2 acres. Future plans include terraced community gardens, outdoor seasonal markets, and a community pavilion for gatherings and classes. Local cooking classes and elementary school field trips are also on tap for 2024. The Grocery program looks to expand into other parts of Warren County in 2024.

In 2024, we are looking to break ground on our neighborhood development of 98 single-family rental homes for low to moderate income level households. This affordable housing community with include high quality, 1200sqft and under footprints with 1, 2 and 3 bedroom homes, a walking trail, community center with laundry and commercial kitchen facilities, multiple community gardens, an office/warehouse facility and connection to the Bowling Green Greenways and local amenities nearby.

Every bit of it all is happening in Bowling Green/Warren County. In October 2023, we hired our first two full-time employees to help manage all our programs and projects and the over 150 volunteers who serve with us as well as serve the over 400 client households in BG/Warren County.

You can be a part of it all too. Join us and discover all the ways you can be involved. Learn more about 'How we help?' with affordable housing, food insecurity issues and how you can Volunteer with us. Over the years we've been able to help with food to Eastern Kentucky and to displaced people in Ukraine. As those doors open and we can help, we do what we can. Our first priority is the people in BG/Warren County who are in need. You can help by becoming a sponsor...sponsor a family, sponsor a home, sponsor a grocery or food box stays in the community!

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