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(Originally posted 12-26-2020)

House on the Hill has joined forces with Helping Hands Ending Hunger to feed over 3300 families and individuals begin in January 2021. We will provide food boxes filled with staple foods, whole foods and, as the season permits, fresh foods. More than 3300 families and individuals in our community are food insecure. These families or individuals are in need for different reasons. Your donation provides a sustainable food source until each can get to a place of food security. In our partnership with Helping Hands Ending Hunger we are able to reclaim foods through our schools and restaurants to add to the food we pack in our feed|Local boxes. So the food we provides is low cost or no cost to House on the Hill. We are also receiving food supplies from Feeding America, Kentucky's Heartland. Food shipments arrive at our staging facility, are packed up into boxes and then distributed through our partner school's family resource centers, local agencies and churches. To become a partner, contact us via email at

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