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Thanks for checking out our VOLUNTEER opportunities...

You can:

Help PACK Boxes

Help DELIVER Boxes

Help us follow up with FAMILIES

Help us coordinate with families to be HOUSED

Help us in THE GROCERY in Richardsville

Simply TEXT your name to 270-398-1119

Include BUILD BOXES, PACK BOXES, DELIVER BOXES, or THE GROCERY so we can connect you to the right team.  You can text more than one keyword if you want to volunteer in more than one area!

Our Story

House on the Hill BG was initially formed in Mississippi in 2010 to help develop fresh food sources, housing and education for indigenous people living in Ghana, West Africa.  Shortly after forming, Ghana became too dangerous for travel.

In 2021, as the pandemic surged and children were staying home from school, doing school online and not receiving breakfast and lunch on a regular basis from the school, a small group of community leaders pulled together to find a way to provide food during the pandemic.

Realizing HOTH was still in force and in good standing as a public 501(C)(3), the group reformed the Board and got to work. The current monthly food box program saw its first round of boxes delivered to school family resource centers in Bowling Green and Warren County in March 2021. The food box program has risen to a steady 250+ boxes and hit an all-time high of 350+ boxes in the middle of the pandemic.


Completely volunteer run, HOTH has reached a point of hiring its first staff person, an Executive Director.  The Director will help manage the food box program while preparing for the second leg of our work…Housing First…providing supported living for individuals and families in need of safe, adequate housing in our community.

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