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Support People

At House on the Hill, we are Food First and Housing First. By supporting our neighbors we are building a better community right here in Warren County.

We do two things...Food and Housing.

We know meeting these two basic needs can provide stability to anyone in crisis.  We also know that stability can promote better performance at work, less stress in the family and promote overall better mental health.  We as humans are built for community and through our Housing initiatives, House on the Hill wants to build a better community locally.  By being here today, by donating to House on the Hill and by sharing with your neighbors you are a part of building that community!

Help BUILD, SETUP, PACK, and/or DELIVER Boxes...Help us follow up with FAMILIES...coordinate with families to be HOUSED...Help us in THE GROCERY in Richardsville.  You can also help with weekly/monthly FOOD PREP, PHOTOGRAPHY, WAREHOUSE, CLEANING and more.

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