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The Guesthouse

The Guesthouse Program is a temporary housing initiative to support households in transition.  Households may be moving from a two-parent home to a single-parent home, in recovery, moving from homelessness to permanent housing or may be displaced for other reasons in need of temporary, transitional housing.

Ways We Help

How It Works

Sustainable Living

Once a resident/household has been in the Guesthouse 10 months, an exit plan is established to begin working toward finding permanent housing.  Residents receive budget/financial counseling, housing search assistance or may be housed in an House on the Hill Impact Housing Community.  House on the Hill or its partners can provide some monetary assistance for housing/utility deposits when the resident has shown fiscal responsibility while in the Guesthouse.

After an exit plan is established, the resident/household may stay up to another 14 months based on the exit plan.  Most residents are expected to exit after 12 months but available housing plays a major factor in the exit plan.  Residents will have permanent housing lined up before they need to exit the Guesthouse.

Support The Guesthouse

Provide a month, several months or a whole year. Each month is $1100 including rent and utilities. Support Now!

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